Specialists in Cargo Surveying and Maritime Services in Malaysia
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Marine Insurance Claims
We attend to matters relating to marine casualties including collision, beaching, stranding, fire, heavy weather, contact damages to wharf or jetties and general salvage.
Marine Cargo Claims
We act for our clients on all types of marine cargo matters, disputes and claims, resulting from cargo damages, contamination issues, thefts and non delivery.
Break Bulk Survey and Cargo Outturn
We conduct inspection of the cargoes prior to discharge and duly monitor the condition of goods during discharge for possible damages, short receipt, non delivery and other exceptions. It is the proof of cargo condition even if the transportation had been safely and correctly carried out.
Refrigerated and General Cargo Damage Inspection
We assess the nature, probable causes, extent of damages and quantification of the loss to the cargo for possible compensation claims.
Container Damage Inspection
We ascertain the nature, probable cause and extent of damages to the containers.
Draught Surveys for Quantity Determination of Bulk Cargo
Our surveyors are experienced in draught surveys for determining the weight of bulk cargo loaded and discharged based on the vessel's hydrostatic data.
Supervision of securing arrangements of cargo
We take great care in supervising that cargo shall be secured according to best accepted standards and practices with special considerations to the dynamic forces that may occur during sea transport and in the most severe conditions.
General Condition and Bunkers Survey
Our surveyor with seagoing experience conducts careful inspection on general condition of vessel’s structure, cargo compartments, etc, with regards to eventual and/or existing claimed damages with fair wear and tear accepted during delivery (On-Hire) and Re-Delivery (Off-Hire) to avoid possible disputes between shipowners and charterer. Survey reports are completed with photographs.

We perform bunker survey to ensure the vessel is delivered to the charterer and re-delivered to shipowner with a carefully certified quantity of bunkers.
Towage Approval Survey
We carry out towage approval surveys on a wide range of crafts including tugs, barges, dredgers and vessels without propulsion or in distress to destinations within Malaysia Near Coastal Trade Limits. Objective of the survey is to ensure that the towed vessel is fit to be towed for the contemplated voyage and that all reasonable precautions are taken to ensure it arrives safely without incident at its destination.
Heavy Lift and Project Cargo
We have extensive experience and expertise as Marine Warranty Surveyor for break bulk, discharge, transshipment, Ro-Ro, delivery and transportation by multi axle trailers, and erection of heavy lift / project cargo to structures and foundations. Our services have been utilised in many major projects such as in power plants, oil and gas terminals and manufacturing industries.

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