Specialists in Cargo Surveying and Maritime Services in Malaysia
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New Vessel Construction
We provide shipbuilding superintending from start to commissioning.
Voyage Approval Surveys
Conduct pre-voyage inspections, appraisals and issuance of recommendations for safe voyage to destination.
Sea Trials
Witness performance of vessel and general seaworthiness prior to acceptance, delivery and commissioning. Testing of a vessel’s speed, maneuverability, equipment and safety features are usually conducted.
Ship Maintenance and Repairs
We provide superintending services for ship maintenance and repairs:
  • Preparation of work lists, repair quotations and docking arrangements
  • Superintending repairs
  • Verification of repairs and costs
Litigation and Arbitration
Preparation and assistance for litigation on marine matters. Act as Expert Witness for proceedings in civil courts and arbitration.
Ship Owner's Construction Risk Ship Owner's Construction Risk Ship Owner's Construction Risk